Welcome to Aapatsahaaya* Foundation

* Aapatsahaaya is a word in Sanskrit which means, providing support (Sahaaya) for people in distress (Aapat).

Holistic Quality Education*

It is the root solution to all problems in this world.

There are Four pillars to Quality Education. Scroll the banners to see these four pillars.


||vidyādhanaṃ sarvadhana-pradhānam||

Knowledge is the first pillar.
It is the greatest wealth one can acquire, which increases by distributing


||śīlaṃ paraṃ bhūṣaṇam||

Character Education is the second pillar in quality education.


||ācāraḥ paramo dharmaḥ||

Culture Development is the third pillar which is the heart of quality education



||pūrvaiḥ pūrvataraṃ kṛtam||

Heritage nourishment through Indic knowledge systems is the fourth pillar of quality education.

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Our Metrics

Years of Seva

+ Students Benefited

+ Volunteering Hours

Our Activities

Materials (Sādhanā)


Annual School Kits


Teacher’s Salary / Support


Text-books and Reference Materials




Benches & Desks


Library Books


CCTV Cameras, Photocopiers, Audio Systems, etc.

Teaching (Sādhyā)

Exam-oriented Coaching Classes for 5th to 10th Std.

Preparatory Exams & Counseling Guidance

Literary, Sports and Cultural Competitions (Spoorthi)

Educational Tours for Students & Teachers

Culture, Heritage & Hygiene Sessions

Yoga, Meditation & Value Education Camps

Teacher Training Programs

Digital Sanskrit Language Lab

Software applications and tools to learn Sanskrit in an engaging, fun, and easy way.

Games and Activities with or without hardware support.

Unique offering in collaboration with Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation (digitalsanskritguru.com).

Aapatsahaaya Foundation

Disaster Relief Support

Relief Activities in Kerala & Kodagu district during Floods Disaster (2018 & 2019)

Flood Relief Activities in Chennai, during 2016and in Karnataka during 2019

Food, Water & Grocery, Clothing, School Kits, Utility items, etc.

The Impact

  • 100% 100%

Sustained increase in no. of students from 150 to 584

Veena Makkala Mandira, Thyamagondlu, Rural Bangalore.

Sustained increase in pass percentage of 10th std students

Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra, Tribal school in BR Hills


Maintained number of students without much drop-outs, in challenging environment

Gayathri Vidya Mandira, Hoskote

1st Photocopier and Printer machine in BR Hills, generating employment.

Supporting non-closure of schools in multiple schools around Pavagada Taluk

and much More....

Our Core Values – 7 Core Sutras 


ZERO Overheads

We donot have any Paid employees.


Run by Sevavrathees:

Professionals, Volunteers.


End to End Ownership:

Identification, Due-diligence, Execution, Monitoring, and Following up


100% of the money utilized for the needy.


Stringent documentation

Audited accounts for all years.


Strict Due Diligence Process

For identification of needy institutions and individual for every project.


Complete transparency in funds utilization.

Our Few Patrons and Sponsors

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