About AFN

Who are we and What we do !

Who are we?

AFN is a registered public charitable trust formed by a group of selfless, like-minded, and committed individuals, hailing from different professional backgrounds, with a common desire to nurture and spread social consciousness.

AFN supports educational institutions managed by the various rural-based, tribal-based, government, and non-governmental organizations. These organizations are located in Nelamangala, Hoskote, Pavagada, Chitradurga, Tumkur, BR Hills, Kanakapura, Shimoga, etc.

Our Vision

Vision –To enable transformation of RTGS* school community, through holistic quality** education programs.

* RTGS = Rural, Tribal, Government & Special school children.
**Quality Education = (i) Right subject Knowledge (ii) Character Building (iii) Culture Development and (iv) Heritage nourishment.

Our Mission

  • To develop ‘social consciousness’ in every individual on this planet.
  • To work in areas of education for rural, tribal, government, and needy children.
  • To support disaster management activities for natural calamities.

AFN’s Activities:

Broadly there are 4 types of activities performed by the AFN seva-team. These are taken up after detailed socio-financial due diligence.

1. Education Materials (Sādhanā)

For Children

Annual School Kits (Bags, Notebooks, Stationaries, Uniforms, Shoes, Water bottles, etc.)

For Teachers

Teachers’ salary,

Text-books and

Reference Materials.

For Schools

Computers, Benches & Desks, Library Books, CCTV cameras, Photocopiers, Audio systems, etc.

For Parents

Need-based Support

2. Teaching (Sādhyā)

  • Exam-oriented coaching for 5th to 10th std.
  • Preparatory exams & counselling guidance.
  • Literary, Sports and Cultural Competitions.(Spoorthi).
  • Educational tours for students & teachers.
  • Culture, Heritage & Hygiene sessions.
  • Yoga, Meditation & value education Camps.
  • Teacher training programs

3. Digital Sanskrit Language Lab

A unique High-impact transformational offering

Installation of computer lab with high-engaging products and courses

Direct experience and research has proven that, learning Sanskrit gives the following 4-fold benefit for school children:

  • Better pronunciation of regional and international languages
  • Enhanced memory, focus, concentration, Intelligence Quotient  Subtle & long-impact value education
  • More than 70% of vocabulary in Mathematics, Science, Social studies,
  • Hindi & regional language is based on Sanskrit words, resulting in better understanding and performance

4. Disaster Relief Support

  • Food, water & grocery
  • Clothing materials
  • School Kits
  • Utility items

Flood relief activities in North Karnataka (2009)

Chennai flood relief (2015-2016)

Kerala & Kodagu floor relief (2018-2019)