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Aapatsahaaya foundation timeline

Our Projects:

There are two types of projects undertaken. (Click on the image to enlarge)

1. Annual committed projects.

2. Need-based, Adhoc projects.

Annual committed projects: Every year the following projects are conducted.

Sl No.  Name of Project Description  Total Outlay 
1 School kits for RTG school students Around 25+ schools, covering 2500+ students are provided with absolute necessities like notebooks, stationery, uniform, bags, shoes, waterbottle etc.  At Rs 850 per school kit (average cost), the total outlay for this every year is around INR 20 Lakhs 
2 Value Education, Culture & Heritage workshops Periodical workshops are conducted on Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, bhajans, craft-work, drawing, story-telling, value education, etc.  Cost of materials, experts etc. comes to around INR 4-5 lakhs per year 
3 Annual competitions Cultural, literary and sports related competitions are conducted every year and prizes are given to winners INR 1-2 lakhs per school for prizes 
4 Gyana-Prawas – Educational Tour Students and teachers are taken to places of historical, scientific, educational interest on annual basis INR 4-5 lakhs for 3 schools 
5 Preparatory exam, special coaching, counselling  Preparing question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, weekend coaching on tough concepts, examination tips & tricks, providing supplementary guides, scoring packs and related materials.  INR 4-5 lakhs for 3 schools 
6 Teachers’ training workshops English, teaching technique, technology and other theme-based workshops INR 2-5 lakhs 

Need-based Projects: A few projects which were delivered based on the request from schools and funds availability.

Sl No.  Name of Project Description  Total Outlay  (approximate)  Location 
1 Language Lab installation Sanskrit and other language learning softwares are installed with computers, headsets, speakers, etc.  Each installation costs around INR 2-3 lakhs per school, for around 7 systems with licensed software i.Veena Makkala Mandira, Thyamagondlu, 70kms from Bangalore – 7 systems
ii.VGKK school, BR Hills, 200kms from Bangalore – 10 systems  
2 Saptaha Stotra Books & other materials  Distribution of shloka books and other materials for improving pronunciation, memory etc.  Around 800 books * 100 Rs = INR 80,000 i.VMM, Thyamagondlu
Saadhya materials for Hoskote, TYM and BR Hills  ii.VGKK, BR Hills
iii.Gayathri Makkala Mandira, Hoskote
3 CCTV  Based on government notification, CCTV installation done  INR 3 lakhs for 2 schools  i.VMM, Thyamagondlu
ii.VGKK, BR Hills
4 Photocopy machine, Audio systems To solve problem of going for around 30kms for every photocopy and to support talent of Tribal students  INR 3 lakhs  VGKK, BR Hills 
5 Disaster support Flood relief activities involving food, clothing, grocery, construction support, etc.  Case to case basis  i.Flood relief activities in North Karnataka (2009) – INR 5 lakhs
ii.Chennai flood relief (2015-2016) – INR 10+ lakhs 
iii.Kerala & Kodagu floor relief (2018-2019) – INR 10+ lakhs  
6 Benches, desks, library books, sports kit, etc.  Infrastructure facilities for various schools at Pavagada INR 5+ lakhs Various schools in Pavagada 
7 Toilet construction  Sponsored project by Durag group, for building toilets in TYM school INR 6 lakhs VMM, Thyamagondlu