Ensuring Continuity in Learning for RTG (Rural, Tribal & Govt) Students.

What is E-Saadhya?

E-Saadhya involves creation of learning materials in the form of simple videos, audios, worksheets etc for schools following the state syllabus of Karnataka Board (Kannada Medium).

Learning content will be stored in an online / cloud repository and will be made accessible to students.

Why E-Saadhya?

In the Short Term:

To ensure continuity in learning for Rural, Tribal, Government school students in uncertain situations when it is difficult to have  regular school education to:


Reduce dropouts from school.


Prevent children being pulled into undesirable activities and,


Retain the interest in learning / education.

In the Long Term:


 To aid teachers by providing content to help in student engagement.


 To help students to revise and enhance learning.


 To help parents to support their children by following up on the learning.


To be used also by AFN volunteers during supplementary teaching, exam-oriented sessions at the schools.


The initial focus is to keep equipping the teachers and schools with content as and when it’s developed.

With everyone’s support, Phase 1 – which involves at least 2 lessons in each subject for each standard, is proposed by the end of Dec 2020.

How can you participate?

Volunteer for creating learning content.

Volunteer for technology support to upload, manage content.

Sponsor content creation.

If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please click here to join our whatsapp group.

To see sample videos by our volunteers, please click here

To see the PMO sheet and allocation, please click here

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