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HEAP – Holistic Education Assistance Program, involves two fold activities, SAADHYA and SAADHANA. The Saadhana phase was meant to provide school kits and other necessary tools for learning to students from rural and needy schools With your support we have distributed 9000+ school kits in last 5 years of HEAP in rural areas of Karnataka.



Sphoorti is an initiative taken up as part of Saadhya phase of HEAP. This involves organizing literary and sporting events in schools identified under current year’s HEAP, and provide the students with a platform to hone their skills and showcase their talent.



“A life not lived for others is not a life.”  ― Mother Teresa Cash Contribution Cash contributions may be handed over in person to any of the AFN contacts. Online Fund Transfer to our account Online Funds Transfers can be made to our HDFC trust savings account, the details of which areIFSC Code : HDFC0000312Account […]