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Aapatsahaaya Foundation’s (AFN’s) boundary of activities span from periodical visits to different special homes (orphanages, old age homes etc.) on a monthly basis which is called “Connect to Community” (CTC) program to accomplishing medium scale projects like school kit, emergency healthcare etc. After detailed socio-financial due diligence of the need, CTC visits, events & projects are implemented.

Holistic Education Assistance Program

HEAP – Holistic Education Assistance Program, involves two fold activities, SAADHYA and SAADHANA.

Saadhana focuses on providing external assistance to foster education and Saadhya initiatives try to work on the minds of individuals and increase their knowledge.

Saadhana – Facilitative Tools

Saadhya – Knowledge content

  • School kit – Generally consisting of bag, notebooks, text-books, pencil box, geometry box, pens, pencil, erasers, crayons, uniform, belt, shoes, socks, tie, sports equipments, etc. [Estimated cost around INR 1000/- per kit]
    • Library books and facilities


    • Computers


    • School desks and benches


    • Teacher’s Salary


  • Vidhya Nidhi – Financial help to needy children


    • Educational trips for students


    • Science experiment kits with training


    • Literary & cultural competitions


    • Tuitions


    • Personal Mentoring of students & teachers


    • Train the Teacher