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About Us

Aapatsahaaya Foundation (AFN) is a public registered charitable trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 that is formed by a group of genuine,selfless,like-minded and enthusiastic individuals hailing from different professional backgrounds with a common desire to nurture social consciousness in each of us.

The Trust was registered on 18th October 2008 and has been actively involved in the noble endeavor of doing Sahaaya (Assistance) for Aapat (Needy).

To move ahead and stretch our helping hands we need your help. Let us walk together, hand in hand, to make a difference.

Remember Saint Thyagaraja’s keerthana :

Dorukunaa ituvanti seva (Can we find the opportunity for this kind of service).

Our Vision: 

  • To provide assistance (sahaaya) to people in distress (aapat).

Our Objectives : 

  • To work in areas of Education & Career
  • To unite like minded people for a social cause
  • To enhance social consciousness in today’s youth
  • To identify specific needs of various social organizations and synergize resources to meet those needs.